Nintendo Switch Unveiled (NX update)

Rejoice! No longer will we have to look at fake 3D printed NX controllers every month.

After years of silence, Nintendo have finally shed some light on the mysterious project NX. Their next big hardware release, the Nintendo Switch, is a home console which you can take with you on the go.

The company teased the news ahead of time on twitter, and later released a short trailer which at last gave us a look at the Switch. A much simpler premise than the WiiU, the trailer communicated the machine’s primary purpose as a HD gaming platform with exclusive Mario and Zelda properties, plus planned third party support. We see its place in the living room, on the go and its unique use at e-sports tournaments.

It also identified a social, young adult audience, a clear leap from its usual demographic of families and children. After many attempts to target unusual, niche markets with Wii and DS product lines, Nintendo seem to be returning to the core gamer demographic.

The news dominated Twitter and gaming media, with a generally favourable reaction. Fans responded to the idea of portable gaming, and the thing that garnered the most excitement was seemingly the idea of playing AAA games like Skyrim on the go. One of the biggest pitfalls of the WiiU’s lifecycle was its failure to attract long-term third party support, so seeing games like this feature in the trailer really got people talking.


Nintendo later released an image collating the logos of every studio currently supporting the Switch, which included EA Games, Take Two, Bethesda and many, many more. The trailer included both 2K’s NBA and the Skyrim remaster, but both studios have since explained that the footage was developed for the trailer and wouldn’t confirm either game was in development.

If Nintendo can secure support this time, the company could once again steer the market in a totally unexpected direction. Whilst Microsoft and Sony bicker over 4k and HDR gaming for their mid-console updates, despite a fairly indifferent reaction to the technology from fans, Nintendo might well clean up as our next upgrade.


Phil Spencer of Xbox praised their vision and innovation, and both major rivals are no doubt as eager as we are to hear more about the console.

Since the introduction of the N64 rumble pack, Nintendo have had a habit of bringing us excellent hardware gimmicks (and a few flops) and so we’re cautiously optimistic about the new device.


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