What a month! Top ten stories October 2016

Christmas came early for gamers and geek culture fans this month, with an avalanche of new releases and some exciting teasers of things to come. In case you missed the whirlwind, here are our top ten stories for October 2016.

  1. Logan Trailer

We got our first look at Old Man Logan this month, with a trailer revealing a tired, weakened Wolverine. It also gave us a look at the mutant clone X-23, Laura Kinney, and a much older Charles Xavier. The trailer set a darker tone than we expect from the series, depicting an unforgiving dystopian future, and honestly after watching this I’m really excited to see where they go with the film.

  1. Battlefield/Titanfall

EA released two big titles this month, with their world war one shooter Battlefield 1 and futuristic mech Titan FPS Titanfall. Battlefield is offering something a little different from what we’ve been used to in recent years, scaling back the tech and offering intelligent tactical multiplayer experience as well as a surprisingly good singleplayer campaign. Titanfall is a fast paced, action-packed experienced with a relatively fresh IP. Both have been met with strong reviews, and with Call of Duty Infinite Warfare on the way it’s a great time to be alive for shooter fans.

  1. Skyrim Remastered Released

2011’s critically acclaimed open world fantasy adventure Skyrim returned this month remastered with improved graphics and all DLC packs included. Bethesda also announced their intention to withhold review copies of their game until a day before its release, causing debate in the games industry over the ethics of denying consumers early reviews.

  1. Walking Dead returns

No spoilers here but season seven of the Walking Dead premiered this month, and we finally found out the result of that tense cliff hanger. Again, I won’t spoil anything but the series got off to a strong start and we’re looking forward to returning to that dark, gritty undead world.


  1. Tomb Raider Definitive Edition, turned 20

Lara Croft turned 20 this year and even Playstation owners got to celebrate with Rise of the Tomb raider finally released to Sony’s console. The game is easily one of this generation’s greatest adventures, with visually stunning designs, a strong story, great pacing and a strong, modern take on one of the most recognisable characters in video game history. Happy birthday Lara.

  1. Guardians of Galaxy 2

A trailer dropped this month for the wildly anticipated sequel to 2014’s Marvel space adventure, which sees the return of all our favourite characters. It really set the mood for the upcoming blockbuster and, most importantly, one look at baby groot and hearts melt across the world.

  1. Pokemon Sun and Moon demo, pre-order record smash

Excitement for Pokémon Sun and Moon reached its peak when Nintendo release a free demo available via the e-shop. We also got the reveal of the final evolution stages of each starter Pokémon. I won’t spoil this for anyone but let’s just say it’s changed my starter choice.. The two games also broke a record for the highest preorder sales of any Nintendo release.

  1. Red Dead Redemption

After years of silence, Rockstar finally announced Red Dead Redemption 2 for release Fall 2017. They did this with a series of ambiguous image-only tweets, followed eventually by a short teaser trailer. Although some fans were disappointed not to hear more about the game, the trailer did a good job of setting the tone and whetting our appetite for new release. It also looked unbelievably stunning, like a painting brought to life.

  1. Playstation VR dropped

It might seem like a lifetime ago after all that news but way back at the start of the month, a major hardware release hit the shelves. Playstation VR is now available and in many parts of the world you can now demo this exciting new technology in local gaming stores. If like me you’re based in the UK, you’ll find Game stores have had the cheek to actually charge you for the privilege. Head to a gaming convention or a friend’s house but whatever you do don’t give them your hard earned cash for five minutes in a headset.


  1. Nintendo Switch, new Zelda gameplay, new Mario tease

A major announcement from Nintendo took the internet by storm when it landed this month (on the same day as the Red Dead trailer). After years of rumours and whispering, the NX was finally revealed as the Nintendo switch, a home console you can take with you on the go. It looks fantastic.

The trailer showed off the hardware’s portable advantages, the return of cartridges, the e-sports opportunities and several potential controller configurations. We also got a glimpse of breath of the wild on the new machine, plus an unnamed 3d Mario tease. We even saw potential third party support with Nintendo releasing a list of supporting partners, and footage of Skyrim and NBA 2k in the trailer, though neither have been confirmed for the system.

There are still many important unanswered questions such as battery life and price point, but its exciting to look forward to more information on January 12th 2017 when Nintendo have confirmed they will be releasing more information.

And that’s our pick of the top ten stories for October, we also saw the release of Mafia III, the first Dark Souls 3 DLC dropped, Wonder Woman turned 75, we got a new Rogue 1 trailer and, more recently, we’ve seen some really strange activity on Hello Game’s social media accounts.

It’s been a super crazy month with an overwhelming amount of games to get through and so many exciting new teasers to look forward to. What were your highlights and what are you most looking forward to – let me know in the comments.


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