Wonder Woman Trailer Drops

After celebrating her 75th birthday last month, Wonder Woman is back in a brand new trailer for the upcoming DC blockbuster.

Earlier today we got three spectacular new movie posters, each depicting the heroine in a powerful stance with the words; power, courage, wonder. So far teasers for the upcoming film have been well received, and Gal Gadot was praised for her role in Batman vs. Superman, despite the film’s average reviews.

The new trailer has given us another peek at the film and its locations. The opening scene sees a modern day Gadot staring at an old sepia photo, and it then jumps to a stunning Cliffside shot. It gives us a stronger idea of the story and how Wonder Woman gets involved with Chris Pine’s character in World War 1.

Hype for the movie has likely seen a boost with DC’s 75th anniversary Wonder Woman celebrations. Last month the iconic hero was honoured at the UN, as an ambassador for the empowerment of women. A familiar face also made an appearance in CW’s Supergirl this month, with Lynda Carter arriving as US President.


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