Breath of the Wild delayed on Nintendo Switch (Rumour)

Another day, another scrap of Switch news. The latest reports suggest Zelda Breath of the Wild will miss its March 2017 launch date on the new console.

Previously fans expected to see the long awaited Zelda title available at launch, much like Twilight Princess was released alongside the Wii. It seemed logical to expect Nintendo Switch bundles with their system-selling franchise, but the latest rumours (which come from tipster Emily Rogers) suggest the game will delayed way into 2017. According to the report, the team expect localization to run into the end of December, which will need to be followed with up to six months of testing.

Whilst nobody wants the game to be rushed at this point, it will likely have an effect on the initial sales of the platform.

If you saw early WiiU trailers and drooled over the ‘Zelda U’ footage, you may have been tempted to purchase there and then, knowing a brand new 3d Zelda game was in the works. Four years later we’re still waiting for Breath of the Wild, and will continue to even after console production has ceased.

WiiU did have some well-known titles, such as Fifa, Assassin’s Creed and Call of Duty, but it lacked any exclusive system sellers. New Super Mario Bros U and Nintendo Land were the only Nintendo games on offer, and neither justified the console’s $299/£249 price tag.


We don’t yet know what Switch games will be available for the March 2017 release window, but with Zelda Breath of the Wild not available at launch, we’re expecting at least one big Nintendo title to be announced at release.

We did get a tease of a mystery 3D Mario game in the Switch trailer, which may point to another big title in the works. Brand new Mario and Zelda titles available within a few months of launch would put the Switch in a strong position, particularly if paired with a good collection of third party games.


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