Super Mario Run Release Date and Price

Nintendo will release Super Mario run to iOS devices on 15th December 2017, for $9.99.

The new gameplay trailer shows off everything we loved about Mario, streamlined into the multi-touch interface of Apple smartphones and tablets. Although we’ve had plenty of ‘run’ games skinned with various IPs, Nintendo are likely to make a quality, innovative game that will live up to the strength of the Mario brand, and the gameplay trailer below is really promising.

Nintendo’s last mobile game Miitomo quickly rose to the top of the free to play charts, but it failed to retain its user base and dropped below 60th in the first two weeks. Meanwhile, Niantic’s PokémonGo app was released this summer and dominated headlines with its record breaking success. Nintendo will no doubt have considered the failures and success of both ventures when developing the new Super Mario game.

The $9.99 price tag is a premium positioning for a mobile app, so it looks like the new game will most likely be Nintendo-quality, free of the serious bugs that plagued Niantic’s PokemonGo. At least, that’s what fans will expect. It also has to have greater longevity than Miitomo.

So far there is no news on when the game will reach Android.


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