Virtual Reality used in Drink Driving Campaign

Alcohol company Diageo have released a short virtual reality video that simulates a car crash, in an attempt to increase awareness of the dangers of drink driving.

Since Virtual Reality hardware hit the market we’ve been discussing its potential use outside of entertainment. Currently the majority of consumers are using VR to experience Eagle Flight and solve arcade style puzzle games like super hypercube, but increasingly we’re seeing new uses for the technology.


Earlier this year Lloyds bank discussed plans to interview candidates through virtual reality, and with Facebook acquiring Oculus Rift we will no doubt see increasing social functions for the headset.

Diageo’s video has been praised by some charities for highlighting the consequences of driving whilst drunk by putting consumers into the experience first-hand, but despite its powerful message some experts have suggested it could have gone further.

The video, which is available through Facebook and YouTube 360, follows three unsuspecting cars in the build up to a serious accident. It is the hope of Diageo and supporting charities that the immersive nature of VR will make the video more effective, and therefore more likely to make people think before they take the wheel drunk.

The project is part of Diageo’s collaboration with the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (Unitar) to raise awareness of drink driving.

Whilst this is a very specific example, the video is a really interesting use of virtual reality technology and we will no doubt see increasing efforts to utilise headsets outside of gaming as it becomes more accessible.

You can read the full story over at the BBC


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