5 Mobile Games to play over the Holidays

If you find yourself returning home this month on long journeys away from your console games, you might be in need of some new mobile games to keep you busy. Here are five new releases to fill the void throughout the holiday season.


Pokemon Go on the Apple Watch

Okay so Pokémon Go is hardly new. Many of its massive user base has dropped off since the hugely succesful launch this summer, but the idea of playing the game without remaining glued to your phone or draining its battery is pretty damn appealing. Trainers can do just that this month with support finally added to the Apple Watch which will add to your egg-hatching steps and notify you about nearby Pokemon or new achievements. There are also new gen II Pokémon hatching from eggs and seasonal Christmas Pikachu. So if you’ve got a bit of time on your hands this Christmas, consider a refreshing winter Poke-walk.


Blackjack Buddies

This sociable iPhone boardgame combines blackjack, scrabble and iMessage for a surprisingly fun take on the classic games. Play with your friends and compete to be the first to make 21 from your cards on the board, in any direction. The game itself is basic enough but the social nature of it makes it really entertaining, particularly over the holidays.


RollerCoaster Tycoon Classic

If you loved the original Tycoon games, this blast of nostalgia will keep you busy throughout the holiday season. Build your park park and fill it with crazy coaster rides. The app has all the same considerations as the original, challenging you to balance the books and keep your guests and staff happy. It’s perfectly addictive and a really fun strategy simulator.


The Walking Dead: A New Frontier

If you’ve been following Clementine’s story throughout Telltale’s Walking Dead series, the new chapter won’t disappoint. Now available on iOS, the first episode Ties That Bind plunges you straight back into the grim apocalyptic, zombie-infested world and challenges you to make tough choices as you try and keep Clem and new face Javier alive.


Super Mario Run

Mario made his way  to iOS devices this month for the very first time. Super Mario Run is a sleek endless runner with everything you expect from the much loved IP, but with the multi-touch interface of Apple smartphones and tablets. Although we’ve had plenty of ‘run’ games skinned with various IPs, this is a premium app with the careful design you’d expect from a Nintendo game. Play the first few levels for free and see how quickly your coin-collecting obsession grows!



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