17 Games to look out for in 2017

A brand new year of gaming is finally upon us, and the forecast is looking strong.

The last few years have delivered some incredible releases, but just as you think you’ve finally caught up with everything, 2017 is here to blow you away with an incredible line up. From long anticipated entries in beloved series to brand new IPs, there is plenty to get excited for and we’ve put together 17 games to keep an eye on in 2017.


Resident Evil 7 // January 24, 2017

Capcom’s infamous survival horror returns for another terrifying journey, this time entirely in first person. This lends itself to the fact that the entire game is fully playable in virtual reality, offering a truly horrific experience to anyone brave enough to comply.

In a return to the series’ roots, RE7 puts greater emphasis on the survival horror gameplay that made early games so memorable. Be prepared for a healthy mix of dread, horror and general terror as you tentatively explore the dark and filthy home of the Baker family, unravelling Biohazard’s engaging mysteries.


South Park Fractured But Whole // 2017

Originally scheduled for late 2016, Ubisoft’s South Park sequel is now set for release in early 2017. Where its predecessor South Park: Stick of Truth was very much in the style of a fantast RPG, Fractured But Whole pokes fun at the superhero genre and will allow players to choose their own superhero from  12 classes as the children face civil war.

The strength of these games is just how well the writing, voice acting and art style line up to feel just like an interactive episode of the much loved cartoon. Matt Stone and Trey Parker’s close involvement in the development of both games is no doubt a major factor in their success, and you can expect a myriad of inappropriate jokes and fart-centric gameplay.


Red Dead Redemption 2 // 2017

After six long years, an incredibly ambiguous tweet in October delivered the first official clue that we may finally be treated to another open-world western adventure. It sent fans into an immediate frenzy with hundreds of thousands of interactions in less than 24 hours, but we learnt very little is about the game beyond an atmospheric teaser trailer.

Set for a fall 2017 release, Red Dead may be the biggest game of the year as Rockstar take us back to the Wild West for another gunslinging adventure.


Horizon Zero Dawn // February 28, 2017

One of the most anticipated games of the year for Playstation fans is Guerrilla Games’ impressive looking post-apocalyptic open-world RPG.

If the primeval adventures of robotic dinosaur hunter Aloy weren’t visually stunning enough, the game has been built to make the most of the PS4 Pro’s 4K technology for a sensational gaming experience. Pair that with what looks like an epic story, unique environments and interesting gameplay and combat mechanics, and it’s really hard to fault this epic release.


Breath of the Wild // 2017

Four years after the project was initially confirmed, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will finally be here in 2017.

The huge Nintendo title doesn’t have an official release date as of yet, but will no doubt be arriving at the end of the disappointing WiiU lifecycle, and just in time to make it onto Nintendo’s newest console, the Switch. With less populated open world environments and a greater emphasis on player agency, very much in the spirit of early Zelda NES titles. For hardcore Zelda fans and nostalgic Nintendo lovers alike, this is one of the most anticipated games of the year.

Gravity Rush 2 // January 18, 2017

Explore the brilliantly muddled chaos of Hekseville, a cloud city that makes up the vibrant world of Gravity Rush 2. The combination of this really thoughtfully designed world, a likeable protagonist (Kat) and a very sweet message about equality and class division makes this sequel to the popular handheld original worth looking out for.


For Honour // February 14, 2017

This is a game for anyone who has ever imagined warriors from across history facing off against one another, in true Deadliest Warrior style. Choose from Knights, Samurai and Vikings in this entertaining 4v4 multiplayer fighting game, which boasts intelligent and satisfying combat mechanics and entertaining animations unique to the various factions.

Halo Wars 2 // February 21, 2017

The futuristic spin off didn’t get off to the best start, but Halo Wars is a much needed filler for real-time strategy games on console, and this sequel looks to build on the strengths of the original with a new developer, new features and greater tactical depth. Take command of your factions and navigate the battlefield with multiplayer modes for up to six players, all within the lore of the Halo universe.

Star Trek Bridge Crew // March 14, 2017

2016 was the year virtual reality really started to take off, and if you’ve got yourself a headset you will almost certainly be looking out for the latest VR experiences. One of the most exiting releases of 2017 is Stark Trek Bridge Crew, a four player VR game that gives you a role on the bridge of the Enterprise.

Bridge crew is a really strong multiplayer VR game, and for Star Trek fans this is a seriously cool opportunity to fill the boots of your favourite space exploration crew in VR.


Mass Effect Andromeda // 23 March, 2017

Following a hugely successful trilogy of games, BioWare’s latest release will be a welcome return to the Mass Effect universe with a new story based long after the events of the original series.

Set for release this March, Mass Effect Andromeda will deliver much of what we loved about the original, with branching dialogue and romancing companions, and will allow the player to choose from two playable human characters (one male, one female). Its set to be a visually impressive, futuristic journey through space that fans of sci-fi RPGs will absolutely want to experience.


Yooka Laylee // 11 April, 2017

A huge crowdfunding success, Yooka Laylee delivers the nostalgic joy of the N64 with a bright and cheery 3D platformer that is very much the spiritual successor to Banjo-Kazooie.

The game has been developed by some of the minds behind the N64 classic, but bear and bird are replaced with a vibrant new partnership; the chameleon Yooka and his bat companion Laylee. The pair brave the beautiful environments, collecting various items such as “Pagies” to unlock and expand worlds.


Spider Man // TBA

If a brand new Spidey film this year wasn’t enough for you, the beloved hero is set to swing over to consoles this year in a PS4 exclusive from Insomniac. E3 2016 gave us a glimpse of the game’s incredible graphics and sleek gameplay, and although we don’t have an official release date we’re at least expecting to hear more about the project in 2017.


Untitled Mario // TBA

Although there has been no announcement from Nintendo as of yet prior to their big January Switch announcement, the October trailer for the new console teased a brand new 3D Mario title. If Nintendo want to secure the success of the Switch, a new Mario game available on release makes perfect sense, and we’re expecting more details on this at the Nintendo Switch presentation.

If an open world Mario akin to Super Mario 64 is on the way, they already have my money.

Crash Bandicoot Remastered // 2017

After making an appearance in Uncharted 4, Crash went on to steal the show at E3 2016 with the announcement of more than one Crash Bandicoot remaster. We don’t know much about how these games will be offered, whether bundled together or released individually, but we will no doubt hear more about our favourite bandicoot this year as Crash makes his way to the PS4.

Detroit Become Human // 2017

Set for release in 2017, Quantic Dream’s AI thriller could be the most ambitious storytelling of the year. Building on the success of Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls, David Cage reportedly spent two years developing the script and casting for the game involved around 220 actors to portray 300 characters.

The game follows multiple android characters through a futuristic Detroit, and revolves around predominantly decision based gameplay as you make tense, emotionally driven choices that directly impact how the story unfolds. After a tantalising E3 2016 trailer, we’re excited to learn more about the project this year.

Shenmue 3 // December 2017

After a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign, Shenmue has finally got a sequel. Little is known about the third entry to the much-loved Japanese series but the story will take off from the events of Shenmue 2, with new characters and familiar faces. With over $6m in crowdfunding and further investment from Sony, fans can expect to know more about the release this year.


God of War // TBA

In a series known for its brutality and carnage, it was a surprise to see such an emotionally interesting premise revealed in the E3 2016 trailer. Leaving behind its iconic ancient greek setting, the latest God of War game will follow Kratos through a Norse mythology-inspired world as he strives to temper his emotions and act as a father figure to a young boy. Expect a return to the fast paced, action heavy gameplay synonymous with the Playstation series, but interspersed with legitimately interesting character development and story.

There is no release date on this release as of yet and it’s unlikely we’ll get our hands on it this year, but it’s absolutely one to watch in 2017 as we get a greater idea of what this game has to offer.



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