Pokemon Bank Update on the Way

Updated: Pokemon Bank update has now arrived, meaning you can finally transfer your Banked Pokemon plus any from the Blue, Red and Yellow games over to Sun and Moon. They are also giving away a free Mewnium Z to users until October 2nd, the Z crystal compatible with Mew.

Since Sun and Moon released in November 2016, Pokémon fans have looked forward to transferring their favourite Pokémon from previous games.

Currently the Pokémon Bank app allows players to transfer between generations X/Y and Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire, as well as using the Transporter for older games like Black and White. The update will see new functionality that allows players to store their Sun and Moon Pokémon and transfer in existing favourites from previous games.

The new update will reportedly work slightly different than previous iterations however, as Sun and Moon Pokémon cannot be transferred to previous games and so once a Pokémon from X/Y or ORAS has been sent to Sun and Moon, it can never transfer back to its original game.


There will also be an update to the Pokémon Transporter that will allow first generation Pokémon from the virtual console editions of the original Gameboy games to be imported to Sun and Moon. This will mark the first time Blue/Red/Yellow has been tradable since Gen II, as the Gameboy and GBA data was never made compatible or tradable within Pokémon games.

We’ll also be getting a new National Pokédex feature which will read the Pokédex  of any compatible game you connect it to.

The update has been scheduled for early January, and full details can still be found on the official Sun and Moon website, but so far an official release date hasn’t been specified.


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