Dark Souls III Expansion Announced

A trailer just dropped for the second and final Dark Souls 3 expansion.

The brand new content ‘The Ringed City’ will be released March 28th for PS4, Xbox One and PC and you can watch the brand new trailer from Bandai Namco below.

“Fear not the dark, ashen one,” the videos description reads, “Experience the epic final chapter of a dark world that could only be created by the mind of Hidetaka Miyazaki.”

Pitching the expansion as the final chapter of Miyazaki’s souls world reinforces the idea that Dark Souls III may indeed be the final instalment. The teaser shows off new weapons and magic, as well as brand new story content.

Dark Souls games have always enjoyed strong expansion story content, exploring painted worlds and traveling through time to get lost in new areas, face new enemies and die to new bosses. Some of the most popular and memorable has been through DLC, such as the original Dark Souls’ Artorias  the Abysswalker or the Old Hunters Bloodborne DLC.

Following Ashes of Ariandel in October of last year, the new ‘The Ringed City’ is included in the season pass or $15 dollars separately.


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