5 Mobile Games to play this week

Whether you’re a seasoned mobile gamer or you’re on the lookout for a new game to fill your morning commute, here are five of the best mobile games to pay attention to this week.

Fire Emblem: Heroes // FREE

Fire Emblem Heroes is Nintendo’s third mobile release and the second free-to-play title. But whereas Miitomo struggled to keep players interested and Super Mario Run was criticised for its price tag, Fire Emblem Heroes seems to strike a balance with a decent amount of content for a free game. Battle enemies in turn-based combat within the popular and summon heroes to save the world. The usual. There are predictable micro-transactions that you can throw money at to advance the game, but it’s still very playable without these and worth a try for Nintendo fans.


Warlock’s Tower // £3.99

This cute 8 bit puzzler has you completing challenges in just three steps, making each move you make stressful and challenging. The aim of the game is to climb the tower to stop an evil warlock from destroying the world, but the three steps and you die rule will test your problem solving. Aside from the brilliant level design, Warlock’s Tower is great as a nostalgia piece.

Papery Planes // FREE

Lovely minimalist artwork and simple gameplay makes this side-scrolling paper plane simulator rather relaxing. Guide your plane left or right to avoid obstacles and collect points, but one wrong move and it could be the end of your origami aircraft..


The Frostrune // £4.99

The incredibly stylish hand-drawn artwork of this game is really impressive, and completely ties in to the atmosphere of the narrative. This point and click adventures has you stranded on a mysterious island, on which you can piece together the narrative through uncovering objects and secrets.  The Frostrune explores Norse mythology in a really interesting and engaging way.


Snailboy: Rise of Hermitron // FREE/£3.99

Firstly, this platformer looks genuinely gorgeous. Guide Snailboy as he seeks to return peace by restoring the Guardian Shell. The gameplay is a satisfying mix of exploration and combat that makes trawling for treasure and power ups really fun. At the very least Snailboy: Rise of Hermitron is worth a look for its first five levels, which are free to play. You can then unlock the remaining 20 for £3.99.


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