Nintendo cease WiiU production

Nintendo have confirmed they will no longer be manufacturing WiiU consoles, leaving the hardware with a disappointing sales total just short of 14 million. For context, that’s around 15% of the sales of its golden child predecessor, the Wii.

The company also confirmed that the highly anticipated Zelda Breath of the Wild will be the WiiU’s last first-party release. Nintendo fans have been waiting for the long promised Zelda U game since the WiiU launched in February 2012.


The confirmation comes less than four weeks before Nintendo’s next big console hits the shelves on March 3rd, and seeing the disappointing console lowered into its early grave will no doubt shine fresh light on the Switch and its potential pitfalls. So far however Nintendo seem to have really nailed marketing for the new release, and the critical response to the Switch has been largely positive.


Following the NX/Switch reveal in October 2016, we put together a list of everything the Switch can learn from WiiU pitfalls. You can read this here.


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