5 Mobile Games to Play this Week

Whether you’re a seasoned mobile gamer or you’re on the lookout for a new game to fill your morning commute, here are five of the best mobile games to pay attention to this week.


The Godfather // FREE

If simulations and city builders are your thing, you’ll find everything you’re looking for in the the Godfather game. This is great for scratching that itch, but it also doesn’t really offer anything ground-breaking. Build your crime empire, upgrade your mob and take the city in a very predictable but still entertaining free-to-play.

Thirteen Souls // £2.99

This 3D fighting game has great character and environment design, and manages to deliver some good looking moves and combos. Choose from 12 fighters and a wide variety of arenas to challenge opponents. Single player campaign is entertaining enough, with online functionality on the way.


Okay Golf // £2.99

If your commute is particularly stressful or you’ve had a hard day, Okay Golf is a good place to calm down. Between the simple controls and the serene environments, there’s something really calming about this drag and release golf simulator. If you like puzzles and challenges then the non-competitive nature of Okay Golf probably isn’t for you, but for such a mindless game its actually really fun.


A boy and his Blob // £4.39

You may remember this title from way back on the Wii or Vita, but now the game is available on Android devices for just £4.39. Even the release a few years back was a reimagining of the NES classic, and there is still something very nostalgic about its design. Feed jelly beans to your blob companion to transform it into a number of useful forms, in order to solve the game’s puzzles. Best of all, it has a hug button. I should have started with that really.


Maze Lord // £1.99

Maze Lord offers some decent level design and puzzles as you make your way through a dungeon maze, collecting loot and avoiding danger. Classic fantasy style artwork in a turn-based dungeon crawler that will test you just enough to be fun.


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