South Park: the Fractured But Whole Delayed

Ubisoft have delayed their upcoming South Park sequel again, this time broadening the release window to as late as next year.

The Fractured But Whole was initially set to release 6th December 2016, but was later delayed until Q1 2017. But with that window narrowing quickly and no release date set in stone, it seemed increasingly unlikely we’d get our hands on the game any time soon.


The publisher confirmed this during their quarterly earnings call, scheduling the game amongst titles in their next fiscal year. That means they expect it to come out before March 2018, but so far there is no specific indication as to what month or even which quarter we can expect the game.

The first game in the series, Stick of Truth, suffered similar holdups and was delayed multiple times before release. Despite a studio switch and development setbacks, Stick of Truth turned out to be a critical success and possibly one of the funniest games ever made. For South Park fans it was a treat, full of easter eggs inspired by the series, and was both a brilliant fantasy RPG and a parody of one.


Fractured But Whole was showed off at E3 2016, including a look at the superhero creation system and the expanded battle system. It looked to have everything that made the original great plus they were clearly passionate to further improve on the formula.

The only significant and consistent criticism of the last game was its simplistic turn-based battle, which was packed full of humour and a little variety but got a little repetitive mid-way through the game. The developers revealed they were working to improve this in the sequel.

So far they haven’t revealed what is causing the delay and which areas of the game it affects, but considering how polished the preview at E3 looked it shouldn’t worry fans too much. The South Park creators and their team are notorious perfectionists, after all.


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