Is this Sony’s answer to Nintendo Switch?

A Sony patent shows off what looks like a new portable device from the company.


The recently published patent, filed back in 2015, looks very much in line with the Nintendo Switch, with a tablet screen sandwiched between two half-controllers. The patent doesn’t specify if the controllers are removable, but they look like DualShock 4 iterations of the Joy-Con dynamic introduced by Nintendo’s new machine.

The intriguing design was spotted by NeoGAF user ponpo, and although it by no means signifies a new console release from Sony, it does pose questions about their reaction to the Switch if it becomes successful. Both Sony and Microsoft developed motion technology following the hugely successful Wii, and it is common for the three competitors to adopt one another’s successes and innovations.


Support for the PlayStation Vita has dropped in recent years, so it would certainly be a surprise to see Sony invest heavily again in mobile gaming devices. So whilst it’s entirely possible they are considering competing directly with Nintendo Switch, its also just as likely this will fall into the pit of unused patents.



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