5 Mobile Games to play this week

Whether you’re a seasoned mobile gamer or you’re on the lookout for a new game to fill your morning commute, here are five of the best mobile games to pay attention to this week.

Mage The Ascension: Refuge // £4.99

If you like interactive storytelling, this strange futuristic tale of magic and political intrigue might be for you. Mage the Ascension does a good job of delivering a magical thriller that lets the player choose the direction of the narrative. From the mind of critically-acclaimed author Karin Tidbeck, the game’s story is set in modern- day Sweden but grants the player the ability to shape reality itself through sheer force of belief. The only criticism is perhaps the story could have been filled out and extended a little more, to justify the price, but overall its worth a go if you like this kind of thing.

Digby Forever // FREE

If you haven’t already picked this free-to-play endless runner up, Digby Forever is absolutely worth having on your device. This endless digger follows adorable Digby’s relentless digging in search of crystals, whilst avoiding potential pitfalls. The gameplay is fairly simple but adding things like unlockable DigBots (super cute helpers) and ability cards lets you mash up gameplay to keep things interesting.

Hidden Folks // £3.99

Between the cute hand-drawn art design and the nostalgia factor, Hidden Folks is really charming, and surprisingly funny. It’s essentially Where’s Wally? for your phone, and it works really well at creating bustling scenes for you to search through. Just poking around in these drawings is really entertaining, and just about everything you do to mess with the world has a reaction that rewards constant interaction.


Lit the Torch // £0.99

An attractive platformer with creative and satisfying puzzles. After launching in select regions last month, Lit the Torch finally became available worldwide this week and its well worth look for puzzle-lovers. You take control of Night Watch ember, navigating your way between two worlds as you light the torches. The multiple universe idea adds a good angle to the puzzles, in a very Stranger Things kind of way, and the artwork differs significantly between the two.

Tiny Striker: World Football // FREE

Football fans will enjoy this adorable free to play 3D sequel to Fat Fish Games’ original Tiny Striker game. This one has great, simple flick shoot gameplay, challenging you to rise through the ranks to become a global star one goal at a time.  It’s the first of the Tiny Sports series to introduce the 3D perspective, and there’s also a training mode to raise the stats of your striker, improving your chances of getting the ball in the net when it matters. If you’re looking for an easy and addictive game to fill a half hour commute, this might be the one.


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