5 Mobile Games to Play this Week

With the release of a brand new portable gaming console featuring the critically acclaimed epic Zelda Breath of the Wild, innovative multiplayer 1-2 Switch and super cute puzzle co-op Snipperclips, you may well have enough to be getting on with this week. But if you haven’t invested in Nintendo’s new hardware or you’re just itching for something new on your phone, here are five of the best mobile games to pay attention to this week.


Pan-Pan // £3.99

If you want a game that is simultaneously frustrating and relaxing, this is a really lovely choice. In Pan-Pan, your ultimate aim is to fix up your spaceship and begin your journey home, but to that you must navigate your way through the beautifully styled open plains. To do that you must solve a satisfying variety of puzzles, some of which will admittedly want to make you throw your phone away and never look back. But it’s the charming world and its creative design that makes the brain-teasing frustration totally worth it. If you enjoyed The Witness, this is probably worth a purchase.

unnamed (2)

After the End: Forsaken Destiny // £3.99                                                     

Much like Pan-Pan, this game offers stylish Monument-Valley-style artwork, engaging narrative and puzzle exploration. Follow the respective journeys of father and son as you explore and uncover mysterious environments through a variety of dynamic puzzles. The ancient world and art style seem to have been inspired by Thatgamecompany’s Journey, and it does play like a miniature version of the popular indie.

maxresdefault (5)

Breakforcist // £2.99

This mad little brick-breaker is not particularly deep, but it is super fun. Unlike the vague mystery of the first two adventures on this list, the clue is in the title of Breakforcist; its Breakout with breakfast food.. and exorcism. But what it lacks in complexity, it makes up for in crazy, vibrant style and nostalgic gameplay. If you’re a sucker for the classic arcade game, you’ll probably get a lot of use out of this, but if not you’ll probably find it difficult to justify the price tag.


Black Blue // 99p

This super-simple two player puzzler is way more fun than it looks. If you share long train or plane journeys with anyone, this is a great low-key two player game that turns joining the dots into a competitive puzzle, and it also has a one player AI mode. Take turns to select the given number of dots but choose carefully as you strategize to take over more of the image than your opponent. It might not look like much but Black Blue offers refreshing puzzle design, ad-free gameplay, chill-out soundtrack and 72 levels for under £1.


Attack Your Friends // FREE

This turn-based board game lets you play with your friends, as you strive to attack and destroy them. It basically Risk at its heart, but not nearly as complicated. The unique strength of this app is the multiplayer functions with chat, leader boards and push notifications to remind you when it’s your turn. Because of that simple addition you don’t have to always organize to be online at the same time, and can keep a game ticking over at your collective convenience.


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