5 Mobile Games to Play this Week

Golf Zero // £1.99

I’ve played a lot of golf simulators, from detailed, console worthy titles to whimsical, zen games like last month’s Okay Golf. This one is quite unlike any of them, and it’s really fun.

Golf Zero is a really fun retro looking platformer that uses clever physics to set up really challenging and unique courses. Take control of the super cute golfer in a vibrant and nostalgic 8-bit style environment. The game includes plenty of varied, complex levels for the price, utilizing slow-motion shots and obstacles to make each one.


Bit City // FREE

Bit city is an adorable free-to-play city builder. The majority of games in this genre fall into one of two categories; the detailed Sim City style simulator or obsessive clickers, and this is most definitely the latter. It’s less to do with managing and more about how fervently you can tap your city’s many buildings and vehicles to earn money to add even more of them, or upgrade them (so you can make more money). There’s something really satisfying about watching the city expand and grow, and whilst there are plenty of micro-transactions and options to buy in-game currency, it really isn’t necessary to have fun with this.

There isn’t much to it, but it’s fun and addictive.. and free.



Kingdom: New Lands // £9.99

Kingdom: New Lands is half kingdom-manager half side-scroller. As the kingdom’s monarch, you must build up your lands, manage resources and gain loyal subjects with the ultimate goal of expanding your empire. The controls are really simple and easy enough, but nightly attacks are increasingly dangerous and require constant preparation and defence – which gives the game real longevity.


Hardway // FREE

This game is entirely not what it looks like. A spin on the endless runner, Hardway sees you building a road on the fly as a car heads endlessly onwards. In your way are a range of obstacles from plylons to giant monsters, so it isn’t as easy as it might sound. A free-to-play game, this endless builder is really entertaining and well worth a go.


Deep Paths: Labyrinth of Andokost // £3.99

This dungeon crawler is full of puzzles to solves, monsters to avoid and  loot to find. The grid based design and RPG elements make it feel really old school, and the game gives you a choice of class plus the chance to roll the dice a few times to determine their stats. If you’re a fan of the genre and looking for a first person RPG on mobile, this is an excellent way to burn a few hours.


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