Super Mario Run heads to Android

UPDATE 23/03: The wait is over, Super Mario Run is now live on Android. That morning commute just got a little more tolerable.

Super Mario Run is finally set to release on android on March 23rd 2017.

Mario made his way to iOS devices this month for the very first time last December, but Android users have had to wait for the popular franchise to reach their smartphones. The wait will soon be over however as Nintendo have confirmed via a tweet that their sleek endless runner is headed to android devices by the end of the month.

Whilst Super Mario Run has received mix reviews for its premium price structure, the app delivers everything you expect from the much loved IP, but with the multi-touch interface of modern smartphones and tablets. Although we’ve had plenty of ‘run’ games skinned with various IPs, this is a premium app with the careful design you’d expect from a Nintendo game.

Whilst the full game costs $10 to unlock once downloaded, you can play the first few levels for free to get a feel of the game and see how quickly your coin-collecting obsession grows!


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