How Microsoft’s HoloLens is helping Surgeons

Microsoft’s augmented reality headset the HoloLens has a new app specifically designed for practical assistance in surgical procedures.

The advanced software, from the AR company Scopis, projects virtual overlays onto patients through the HoloLens during surgery for hands-free assistance and could soon be used to assist surgeons in live procedures.

The technology will hopefully grant surgeons greater precision of pedicle screws used commonly used in spinal surgery and avoid misplacement. The 3D holographic technology offers a placement trajectory  and displays patient vitals all within the field of view that can be adjusted via simple gestures for seamless interaction.

This marks the latest in a series of practical, real-world uses for Microsoft’s augmented reality headset. Whilst it is perfect for playing Minecraft on your coffee table, it has also been used to assist architects with blueprint design and train jet engine engineers. NASA have even used the tech to simulate Mars using data from the Curiosity Mars Rover.

As the technology becomes more accurate, we’ll most likely see more examples of professional uses for AR.


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