The Sims Mobile to launch on Android

Classic life simulator The Sims has just soft-launched for Android and iOS in Brazil.

The popular series already made its way to our phones in the form of free-to-play ‘tap’ games, but the latest release will be the closest to the original game we’ve seen so far.

Inspiration for the new app may have come from the way other large simulator games such as Roller Coaster Tycoon or Sim City have a full version or a free ‘Build it’ version. The new free-to-play game isn’t quite the full experience you remember, but it comes much closer than previous iterations whilst still maintaining the micro-transaction model.

The goal of the new release is to not just build your home and Sim, but follow your family across multiple generations to unlock more content and trophies. Following a successful Sim through to retirement will unlock new hobbies and careers for their descendants.

Interestingly the new game will even include a multiplayer component that lets you share your Sims with other players through hosting house parties, letting your creations bond and forge relationships.

Currently you can only access the game on Android and Apple devices in Brazil, but this will no doubt be rolled out across all countries in the near future.


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