Life is Strange Sequel Confirmed

Dontnod Entertainment have announced they are working on a sequel to their popular episodic adventure Life is Strange.

In a statement released via a video clip on Square Enix’s official website, which you can watch below, Dontnod confirmed development began in early 2016 following the release of the game’s boxed version.

“We’ve been working since the release of the boxed version last year on a new Life is Strange game, with the Life is Strange team, and we cannot wait to share more with you,” said executive producer Luc Baghadoust.

The studio also used the video to thank fans for their response to the first game, and cited over three million unique paying players.

No details have been revealed as of yet, and the game won’t be at the upcoming E3 2017, but we will most likely see more of this game in 2018.

The first series played with a time control mechanic that influenced narrative and branching dialogue in clever ways. Set in an American high-school, Life is Strange follows photography student Max Caulfield who becomes aware of her ability to rewind events and change their outcome – giving the player dynamic control of the butterfly-effect of every action, decision or dialogue choice in the game.


So far it is unclear if the game will continue to follow Max’s story, branch out to other characters or adopt a completely new setting.

Last year the first episode of season one was made available free of charge, so if you never got round to Dontnod’s award winning adventure consider having a go without spending a penny.


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