Mario + Rabbid Kingdom Battle Game Leaked

Artwork has leaked for the upcoming Switch title Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle.

The collection of leaked images includes details on the game’s mechanics, release window and marketing strategy, as well as a look at the game’s art style. Although these images have not been confirmed, It’s clear from the artwork that the game was intended to be a surprise announcement at this year’s E3 next month.


The long rumoured project will see a cross-over between popular Nintendo characters and Ubisoft’s Rabbids for a mixture of exploration, turn-based combat and multiplayer co-op. Players can choose from four of the usual Super Mario ensemble (Mario, Luigi, Peach and Yoshi) or their Rabbid counterparts. Each character offers a unique playstyle and has a distinct personality.


It’s a bizarre, quirky premise but the art-style and design seem genuinely entertaining. One of the leaked images acknowledges Peach’s save-the-princess persona as outdated and cliché, while another highlights the inclusion of actual weapons rather than turtle shells. It also pokes gentle fun at itself calling for humour and self-mockery with the Peach rabbid character simply called #Sassy #NoFilter.


Assuming the artwork is genuine, it’s unfortunate for both Nintendo and Ubisoft that the information leaked ahead of their big reveal. If this is the case we will presumably see more of the game at E3.




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