E3 2017: 7 Highlights from Nintendo

Nintendo made clear ahead of time that their E3 Spotlight would focus on 2017 Switch games, leading us to expect a Mario-heavy presentation with little in the way of surprises.

The reality wasn’t far off, but there was certainty a few unexpected titles in the mix.

Here are seven highlights from the Nintendo E3 Spotlight;

  1. Kirby heads to Switch


Kirby is so freaking adorable, and news that the little critter is heading to Switch was delivered with a deliciously self-aware trailer. Dramatic tone, calling for a hero is answered with a montage of Kirby tackling challenges in a variety of outfits that boast specific powers. The game will also support co-op for up to four players, making it perfect for the Switch’s snap and share vibe.


  1. Yoshi is also heading to Switch







The trailer for Yoshi looks like a crafts project you made as a kid – and that is by no means intended to be derogatory. Channelling the same homemade art style as Wooly World, this Yoshi has a really charming feel and looks pretty fun.


  1. Rocket League Switch






By the end of the year, you’ll be able to play multiplayer car-soccer on your Switch. Rocket League an incredibly fun game to play with friends, and considering Nintendo made a point of pitching their new console towards eSports in early marketing efforts, its about time we got more competitive games for the console.


  1. Breath of the Wild Amiibos & DLC



The first of Zelda Breath of the Wild’s expansion packs will be out at the end of the month, 30th June. As hyped as I am for more content in this beautiful, endless game, I was more excited to get a glimpse of the four new Amiibo representing the four heroes of the game. Zelda amiibo have flown of the shelves consistently, and Nintendo would be mad not to bank that craze whilst its hot.



  1. Super Mario Odyssey




Its hard to overstate both how good and how weird the new Mario looks. In the same way Breath of the Wild evolved the Zelda franchise, Odyssey adapts 3D Mario gameplay in a way that is both completely out there, convention-breaking brilliance and yet still maintains the nostalgic Mario feel.


  1. Pokémon is coming to Switch.. Eventually

Yeah, this is happening, but when is still completely in the wind. Tsunekazu Ishihara confirmed the Pokemon Company are indeed working on a Pokémon RPG for Nintendo’s hybrid console, but stated it might be more than a year before we see the game.

On a brighter note, we’ll finally be getting a mainline Pokémon game on console. Not a spin-off or a stadium-style peripheral, a full RPG, and in the mean time Pokken Tournament has got some decent upgrades for the DX Switch edition.


  1. Metorid. Prime. 4. Happening.





We don’t know much about this project, at all really, but lets face it – a forty-second teaser was more than enough to satiate the masses who have wanted this for so long. Metroid Prime 4 is officially on the way to Switch at last, and we’re also getting a remake of the Gameboy classic Metroid II on 3DS coming in September.

Most importantly, we’re getting a squishy Metroid amiibo.



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