E3 2017: 7 Highlights from Sony

Without major hardware to announce, this year’s Sony E3 press conference was all about the games and, with so many exclusive titles on display, we wouldn’t have any other way.

There was no sign of the Last of Us sequel, nor did we see any surprise Bloodborne 2 announcement, but we did get a hefty dosage of trailers and gameplay footage – many of which happen to be strong Sony exclusives.

Here are seven highlights from the E3 event;

  1. Uncharted Lost Legacy

If the Last of Us ‘Left Behind’ is anything to go by, Naughty Dog know what they’re doing when it comes to DLC. Sony first showed off footage of the upcoming Uncharted 4 expansion with a cinematic trailer late last year, but the latest footage shows off more of Chloe and Nadine’s artefact-hunting adventure around the world.

With a release date set for 22nd August, it’s pretty safe to get excited.

  1. Horizon Zero Dawn: Frozen Wilds announced

One DLC we didn’t see coming was an expansion for Guerilla’s post-apocalyptic, open world epic. The short trailer didn’t give too much away, but the exciting news is its due out by the end of the year. Hype.

  1. Days Gone, again

Another look at Day’s Gone, this time with a more in-depth look at gameplay. The trailer showed off hordes of enemies to contend with, as well as some human antagonists, and demonstrated how you can pit the two against each other with clever stealth mechanics. The game is due to come out late December this year.

  1. God of War

The first trailer for God of War introduced a side of Kratos we hadn’t seen before, and the introduction of his young son adds an emotional element that was never part of the original games. At this year’s E3, Sony showed off more of how that relationship works with gameplay – with Kratos tearing down enemies whilst his son, Atreus, picks them off with elemental arrows.

With giant serpents and awesome weaponry on show, it looks like God of War fans won’t be disappointed – and the game’s new-found depth might appeal to a wider audience also.

  1. Detroit Become Human

Sony treated us to another look at David Cage’s project, and it didn’t disappoint. The robot revolution story seems really interesting, but the branching butterfly-effect decision mechanic is the real hook.

The trailer unfolds in a way that sees the protagonists fail their primary objective of freeing fellow androids, but introduces the idea that it could have been very different – showing us multiple, varied paths.

  1. Skyrim VR (and more virtual reality gems!)

It’s a real testament to Bethesda that this is the second time Skyrim, a six year old game, has had a presence at this year’s E3 – and the second year running that we’ve had new versions of the epic open-world game announced.

Last year we got a remaster, this year Bethesda confirmed the game was coming to Nintendo Switch with motion controls (and a master sword!), and now Sony are bringing the epic Elder Scrolls world to life in virtual reality.

PSVR got a big helping of support with a look at several really promising titles for Sony’s virtual reality peripheral. The delightful Moss sees you exploring tropical ruins, solving puzzles and fending off enemies as a seriously adorable mouse, and Final Fantasy XV will let you chill with the foursome as you enjoy some fishing in ‘Monster of the Deep’.

A darker trailer showed off the creepy asylum-themed thriller The Impatient – which looks thoroughly unsettling. The reel also included Bravo Team, a fairly average looking shooter that might be more engaging when you’re actually in VR, and space side-scroller Star Child.

  1. Spider Man

Finally, Sony ended their show with more footage from Insomniac’s Spider-Man. It wasn’t quite the mic-drop moment of Kojima’s Death Stranding in 2016 or Last of Us 2 at Sony Experience, but oh man does this look like a cool game.

It looks like a cross between Arkham mechanics and Uncharted QTEs, with a strategic stealth level, some one-on-one combat and a cinematic cut-scene, followed by a fairly scripted chase through what looks like it might be an open-world (based on the presence of the map in the bottom left corner). It isn’t clear if it leans more towards the fairly open Arkham model or sticks to Uncharted-like set pieces, but my guess would be the former.

It looks impressive, fun and absolutely gorgeous.


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