RuneScape coming to Mobile with Cross-Play

Runescape is coming to mobile devices with full cross-platform PC play.

The free-to-play MMORPG began in 2001, and has over 200 million player accounts. Both RuneScape and the classic Old School RuneScape will be available to play on smartphones and tablets, with cross-play that allows players to save their progress across platforms.


The games’ developers Jagex have been looking to make the move to mobile since 2013. In addition to offering an improved experience for existing players, Jagex are hoping the move to mobile will appeal to a new audience and also draw in lapsed players.

The cross-play aspects gives players total choice of platform without isolating themselves from PC or mobile players, which Jagex point out is unprecedented in western MMORPGs.

Both games will be full optimised for iOS and Android devices, with RuneScape Old School set for a 2017 release but no date as of yet for the modern version.


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