SanDisk announce 400GB microSD

SanDisk have just announced what they claim is the world’s biggest microSD card, boasting 400GB of storage and transfer speeds of up to 100MB.

For Switch owners feeling the weight of big blockbuster releases and Nindies alike, the new card must look pretty tempting. Until now the largest of SanDisk’s cards was the 200GB, with many opting for 64 and 128GB options to boost the console’s memory.


If you’re outgrowing your Switch and finding yourself clearing out old games to make way for Super Mario Odyssey or Skyrim, you might well have your eye on the new release. If that’s the case, your new storage boost will set you back a whopping  £224.99 – a high price to pay on top of the Switch, its growing library of games, accessories, an external battery for travelling and (if you’re anything like me) every amiibo you can get your hands on..

But a 400GB card just two years after SanDisk’s 200GB is a great sign for this part of the industry. With the expectation on phones and tablets to store high quality images, large app data and HD or even 4K video files, the demand is there for increasingly huge storage capabilities.

This can only be good news for consumers, as innovations in storage lower the price of the cards all the way down.


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