Nintendo to unveil Animal Crossing Mobile

Nintendo will finally unveil their Animal Crossing smartphone game this week in a Nintendo Direct on Wednesday 25th October.


First announced in 2016, the mobile version of Animal Crossing has been on the cards for a while but was delayed along with Fire Emblem Heroes, which was eventually released earlier this year. The game’s casual yet slightly addictive style is ideal for mobile gameplay, and it will be interesting to see how the game will work and which price model it will follow. Fire Emblem followed a free-to-play with optional micro-transactions, whereas Super Mario Run opted for a free download with a price wall to unlock the full game. Animal Crossing seems perfect for the former, but we’ll see soon enough.


The 15-minute long Direct will air at 12pm local time in Japan, and Animal Crossing UK have confirmed you can tune in at 7am UK time to learn all about the new game.

Nintendo have made clear on their website that the direct will not shed any light on games for 3DS or Switch, but will focus on their next big smartphone game.


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