Nintendo Announce Nintendo Labo

Nintendo have announced the launch of their new Switch peripheral, Nintendo Labo.


The new build-and-play experiences are aimed at a younger bracket of gamer, and are designed to work perfectly with the Switch’s Joy-Cons. Starting as flat card templates, the Labo kits come as perforated card that can be assembled into various toys. The video demonstrates examples such as a piano, a fishing rod or a robot suit – all making creative and clever use of both the Switch screen itself and the Joy-Cons.

These cardboard creations, which Nintendo call ‘Toy-Cons’, come in a variety of complexity and can be customized with all kinds of colours, stickers and stencils from Nintendo’s Customisation Kit, which will be sold separately for £8.99.


The idea is that players can build these Toy-Cons themselves, and then bring them to life with the technology of the Switch. The piano for example, which takes roughly two hours to assemble, uses the IR Motion camera built into the right Joy-Con to read which keys are being pressed and communicate that to the Switch console, which then plays through the devices speakers.

Even the most basic of designs, the remote control car, makes clever use of the Joy-Con’s HD rumble to move whilst the player controls their vehicle through the Switch screen.

Two kits will launch in the UK on 27th April. The basic kit will be available for £59.99 and includes the RC car, Motorbike, Piano, Fishing Rod and House. The second will be available for £69.99 and contains just one design, the advanced giant robot.

Kit Toy-Con 01 – Variety Kit Toy-Con 02 – Robot Kit
Price £59.99 £69.99
Designs RC Cars (two cars included), the Fishing Rod, House, Motorbike and Piano. Robot suit
Software Software Included Software Included
What’s in the box? cardboard sheet x28 (includes extra sheet for customisation) cardboard sheet x19
reflective sticker sheet x3 cardstock sheets x4
sponge sheet x3 reflective sticker sheet
orange string orange string x2
blue string blue string x2
grey eyelet set large grey canvas strap
blue eyelet set medium grey canvas strap
large rubber band x2 + spares small grey canvas straps x2
small rubber band x6 + spares grey eyelet set x10
orange eyelet set x2

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