God of War Photo Mode is Coming Soon

Santa Monica Studios have teased upcoming updates for God of War, including Photo Mode and larger text.

The studio released a support update outlining what might feature in future patches. It firstly confirms the photo mode that was previously announced (and heavily memed), which is set to include special usual camera controls, lens adjustments, depth-of-field and the ability to control Kratos’ facial expressions.


The studio also revealed they will be “introducing a global increase to text size in all menus and subtitles,” addressing issues some players had with the size of text on screen. This aims to make text such as journal entries or item descriptions more legible, and follows the previous update which added the option to increase text size on certain areas of the menu such as maps or goals.

The patch will also offer the option to remap Rage Mode, currently L3 and R3, and aims to fix reported bugs, including a potentially progression halting problem they are currently still investigating.

“We are continuing to investigate an issue where selecting the “New Game” option from the main menu without closing down the application first may result in missing dialogue and possible progression blockers,” the Studio said. “To avoid this in the meantime, please close down the application before starting a new playthrough.”

There is no release date for the patch as of yet.


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