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Super NES Classic Edition announced

Nintendo have announced the Super NES Classic Edition will launch this September with 21 games, including one brand new title in Star Fox 2. The SNES mini will cost £79.99, and many retailers sold out of their pre-order allocation within minutes of the announcement.

Nintendo Switch gets New Functions

It may not be as exciting as Mario or Metroid news, but Nintendo have released an update to the Switch that has some fairly interesting features. The Version 3.0.0 update will most likely automatically download, but failing that you can navigate to Settings > System > System Update.

E3 2017 Highlights

Even on a slow year, E3 never fails to disappoint. This year we were treated to the reveal of a new console, some long-awaited games and several exciting new IPs. The announcements have come through thick and fast, so to help you digest the week’s flurry of games news, here are the highlights from some of E3’s biggest press conferences.